Homicides In Colorado Springs For 2013 Climb To 25

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The 25th homicide in Colorado Springs is under investigation as numbers climb closer to making 2013 one of the deadliest on record.

That record is 32 homicides reported in 2011.

The difficult news began very early this year. The second week in January police reported a double murder. SSG David Dunlap and his pregnant wife Whitney Butler were killed when investigators say they surprised a burglar in their home.

Days later police arrested a teenager, Macyo January, who awaits his next day in court

Another death is still a mystery. Angelina Sicola, 20, was strangled at her apartment in May. So far no suspect has been named and the case is ongoing.

We talked to some folks about the climbing numbers of these kinds of cases.

“It's surprising to me, yeah it's sad,” said Samantha. “I lived in the Bay Area before this, and I don't remember seeing as many reports of these kinds of crimes there, which is surprising.”

“In some respects we still have that small town feel,” said Dale, a longtime Colorado Springs resident. “And yet there's so much that has increased as far as violence goes and just the way we interact with each other, so it is sad.”

The most recent death investigation in Colorado Springs involves a shooting from Friday night.

Benjamin Joe Brown III, 21, faces manslaughter charges linked to the death of Logan Treguier, 20, of Colorado Springs. Treguier was shot and found lying in the road in the 5400 block of Mosquito Pass Drive in Colorado Springs.

Brown was arrested Saturday and bonded out Sunday. That case is an ongoing investigation, but friends of both the suspect and victim suggest it was a terrible accident. Trust 11 News to bring you updates as the investigation continues.