Homemade Explosive Found On Doorstep

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Colorado Springs police and firefighters responded to a homemade bomb on the northeast side of the city Wednesday afternoon.

Police showed up in the north Briargate neighborhood of Craycroft and Mossmill after John Putnam and his wife found a suspicious looking plastic bottle on their doorstep.

"We reported it to the police; they thought it sounded suspicious enough so they should come out and inspect," Putnam said.

Police say what they found on the Putnams' doorstep is just the latest in a growing trend of a particular type of explosive device.

"They (police) got here, they said, 'This is an acid bomb,'" Putnam said.

Investigators told 11 News they're seeing more and more homemade acid bombs. Twice this week they've checked out similar devices, often made with a simple soda bottle.

Bomb squad experts said homemade acid bombs have been around for a while, but that they are now seeing more partly because of Internet access to “how-to” videos. Hundreds of videos are popping up on the internet and video websites showing people how to make them.

Experts said another big reason acid bombs are becoming more common is because anyone can get the supplies needed to make these acid bombs, and almost all of them can already be found in your kitchen.

Springs police told 11 News acid bombs have been a growing problem over the last few years.

Investigators said teens might be making these explosives as pranks, but acid bombs have the potential to be extremely dangerous.

"They can actually explode in the persons hand and then you're looking at a very acidic substance that's hitting people, burning them," Sgt. Darrin Abbink said.

This is the second time this week police were called to the Putnams' neighborhood for an acid bomb.

"The (Colorado Springs) police are telling us this is a pattern that's beginning to go on here in this neighborhood, so I guess this just helps them hopefully find the people who do this kind of stuff," Putnam said.

Police said even though there wasn’t any damage to the home and no one was hurt, the person or people who made the explosive device could face a felony charge.

Investigators say if you ever see a bottle that might be under pressure or just looks suspicious, don't move it, don't wait, call police immediately.