Home Shot At Dozens Of Times In Apparent Drive-by

A Colorado Springs woman returned from vacation to find her home riddled with bullets.

She told 11 News that when she pulled up to her home on Driftwood near Academy and Austin Bluffs Thursday, she saw dozens of shell casings in her driveway. Her house had been hit numerous times; so many shots were fired that even one of her cars was hit.

Her next-door neighbor was home when it apparently happened Tuesday night, but at the time thought the noise he was hearing was fireworks. One of the bullets actually went through his house, in between the bedroom and bathroom, but he didn't see it until his neighbor told him about it Thursday.

"My wife called today and said 'Don't freak out, apparently there was a drive-by or something...there's a bullet hole a few feet from our window,'" Adam Trudo told 11 News.

"It really freaked me out because my son is 1, my daughter's 4.

"Luckily their rooms are on the other side of the house...that was the first thing that crossed my mind, you know."

Trudo says the shooting may have been a case of mistaken identity.

"She's an elderly lady [his neighbor] and she's a very sweet woman. It's not like...I'm pretty sure she doesn't have any gang affiliation [laughs]."

Springs police came out Thursday evening to take a report. Both homeowners say they hope someone who has information will step forward.

If you have any information, call Springs police at 444-7000.