Home Hit by Bullets during Drive-by Shooting

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A homeowner says his home and car were hit by bullets from a passing vehicle just minutes after a confrontation outside the house.

It happened early Saturday morning on the 1200 block of Baxter Street in Pueblo.

Police say they recovered 18 shell casings at the scene from at least two different guns.

Two men were inside the house when the shots were fired. One of them said he could hear the rounds hitting the house.

Police say a convertible that was parked in front of the house was hit and the driver side door was shattered. They also found several fresh holes in the front of the home. None of the bullets went all the way into the house.

The victims said about 15 minutes before the shots were fired, two men they didn't know were trying to get in the front door. One of the homeowners says he lit a firecracker and threw it at the men and they took off on foot.

A short time later, shots were fired at the house, but neither man saw who was in the vehicle.