UPDATE: Couple Out Of The Hospital After House Explosion

Credit: CSFD
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A Southern Colorado couple that survived a house explosion is telling their story to 11 News.

On Friday, a house on Chaparral Road, on the east side of Colorado Springs exploded, causing flames to spread through out the structure. It quickly became engulfed.

The couple living inside, Mark and Mary Adkins, were injured in the blast, but have been released from the hospital and are recovering at a friends house in Colorado Springs.

Mark tells 11 News that he was talking with a neighbor and turned towards the house and saw flames. He then heard his wife yell and heard the explosion.

He says he quickly ran inside and grabbed his wife and quickly ran back out. Mark tells us that they were both burned in the blast, but not badly.

He also told 11 News that earlier this summer, the home that they were living in burned in the Black Forest Fire.

Right now the couple is staying with friends in Colorado Springs. The cause of the fire is under investigation. Mark tell us that he did smell gas in home before the explosion.

Story from 11/09/2013

Neighbors for blocks in the area of Powers and Barnes heard a loud "boom" just after noon Friday.

Something exploded in a home at 4797 Chaparral Road, igniting a large fire. The fire spread through the home, fully engulfing the structure.

"Very chaotic, very quick," Troy Branham with the Colorado Springs Fire Department told 11 News. "Goes from an explosion to a fully-involved structure right off the bat."

The impact of the explosion could be felt all the way down the block.

"It shook the ground," one neighbor told 11 News.

"I never in my wildest imagination thought that I'd be facing this kind of situation alone...I never thought I'd be in this situation," Karen Sagahon said. Sagahon lives next door to the house where the explosion occurred, and was told to evacuate, as were others in the immediate vicinity.

Two people were inside the home at the time, and were both hurt in the blast. Holly Miller rushed to their aid, and stayed with the couple until ambulances arrived.

"Their hair was burnt and they were definitely upset. Once we found out that there was nobody else in the house and that they seemed alright, we sat them in chairs, waited for the ambulances to come," she recalled.

Even after neighbors were told it was safe to go back into their homes, some didn't take any chances.

"I went back inside and started gathering stuff because I didn't know...I didn't know what was going to happen," Stacey Liab said.

Firefighters are still trying to determine what caused the explosion. The house is expected to be a total loss.