Hole In Road Worries Neighbors

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A hole in the road has a lot of homeowners in one Colorado Springs neighborhood worried about the dangers. They told us it just appeared suddenly and crews don't know what caused the problem.

While 11 News was at the scene Wednesday, Colorado Springs Utilities had a crew come out to assess the situation. They said it’s not an emergency, so they'll be sending another crew out first thing Thursday morning to figure out what caused it.

Neighbors told us they first noticed the hole in the road near Monterey and Carmel on southeast side of Colorado Springs Monday. Crews went out on Tuesday and marked the area with cones, but it wasn’t until Wednesday night did they take a look at the problem.

"It keeps getting bigger, you know, we have traffic down here this is one of the main bus routes for the city bus," concerned mom and neighbor Nikki Rollins said.

"I've let all my neighbors know about the sinkhole, especially before they marked it with cones so they wouldn't fall into it with their vehicles," neighbor Alan Shull said.

Crews told us that right now, there isn't any visible water in or around the area, so they don't know what caused the large crack. They said it's about 3 feet by 4 feet wide, and about a foot deep underneath the road.

"When I back up out of the driveway it's like...'oh, that's awfully close,'" Rollins said.

In the last two months we've seen several sinkholes caused by water main breaks and leaks. At least two were in Colorado Springs in March, and another just last week was in Florissant. Residents living by the latest sinkhole said they just want to see this problem fixed before it gets any worse.

"That could potentially open up into a huge hole, swallow up a car or a bus or whatever," Shull said.

Springs Utilities said if water didn't cause the problem, it will be the city streets department that will repair it.