Deadly Hit and Run Driver Convicted of Having Child Pornography

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A driver already convicted of a deadly hit and run was slapped with a second conviction Friday, this time for viewing child pornography.

According to court documents, David Henley Jr. was caught looking at pornographic pictures of children while he was in class at Pikes Peak Community College in February 2012. At least two students reported it to campus police.

He was convicted of 23 counts of viewing child pornography, one of those counts included viewing 20 images or more. The images reportedly show both boys and girls, with the youngest appearing to be around 5-years-old.

In November 2012 Henley was convicted of hitting 14-year-old Ricardo Gonzolez-Figueroa with a truck and leaving the scene. He was given a 36 year prison sentence. Police say Henley was already under investigation for the child pornography charges at the time of the accident.

Henley is due back in court on November 22nd for a habitual criminal hearing.