Hit-And-Run Victim Has Strong Message For Driver Who Hit Him

A Colorado Springs man is talking with 11 News after he was the victim of a hit-and-run crash.

The crash happened Friday afternoon on Cascade and Boulder near Downtown Colorado Springs.

Cyclist Joe Helvoigt is recovering at Memorial Hospital. He was hit by a car from behind and then thrown into another parked car. Police say the driver took off from the scene.

"It's the way you handle your mistakes that shows what kind of person you are," Helvoigt says. "There was one bad person but four that stopped to help a stranger, so there was good and bad out of the whole thing."

There is a message that Helvoigt wants to pass along to the driver that hit him.

"Step up and admit that you made a mistake. You did something in error and you're not willing to accept what you did."

The suspect's vehicle is a white sedan with a blue top.

Call police if you have any information that could help.