Hit-And-Run Leaves Springs Block A Soggy Mess

It wasn't just rain that caused some Colorado Springs streets to flood.

A hit-and-run crash just before 3 Saturday morning left the 3600 block of Montebello Drive a soggy mess. Police say a driver crashed into a fire hydrant, then fled the scene, leaving behind a sizable sinkhole and water gushing down the street.

When authorities got to the scene, the vehicle appeared as though it nose-dived into the water flowing around it; the rear of the vehicle was sticking up into the air, while the front was submerged in water.

One home on the street flooded in the aftermath of the crash, but Springs police say it appears to be unoccupied.

The water began receding a few hours after the crash, but CSPD says the block will likely be closed all day as utility crews work to repair the sinkhole.

Police say they found the driver just before 6 a.m. He has been identified as 23-year-old Patrick Moore, and was cited with several charges, including careless driving.