High Times Cancels Permits For Cannabis Cup

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A spokesperson for the Pueblo Board of County Commissioners says that High Times Magazine has asked the board to stop processing their special event request for the 2016 Colorado Cannabis Cup.

Paris Carmichael with the Board of County Commissioners said that a representative with High Times called them Sunday morning and asked that they stop processing the request application.

Carmichael was not certain about the reason why, but said that event organizers had been having issues with deadlines for submitting paperwork, saying that the magazine had already moved the dates at least once. Organizers contacted 11 News Monday to say they did not miss any deadlines. They cite an ongoing "back and forth" with the county over event details.

On the magazine's website there is a statement that says:

"A Note Regarding the US Cannabis Cup in Colorado -

HIGH TIMES continues to push forward with securing all approvals for our 2016 U.S. Cannabis Cup in Pueblo, Colorado on April 22-24. As has been true for 41 years, hurdles and obstacles have continued to be put up, but we are going through every possible channel, meeting with officials and amending forms to make sure we can celebrate and educate people on cannabis in Pueblo. We should have clarity in the coming days, and we will update you in real time with our status.


High Times tells 11 News they are open to future events in Pueblo, and they are already laying the groundwork for that.