Tickets Issued Near Hidden Stop Signs

One Colorado Springs woman is upset after getting a ticket for running a stop sign that was completely hidden behind tree branches, and she thinks police have been using the hidden sign as a trap.

Katharine Salazar got a ticket weeks ago for failing to stop at a stop sign at the intersection of Dewy Drive and Gahart Drive, near Airport and Murray in Colorado Springs.

"I do not see a stop sign in the midst of those trees."

Katharine pointed out that the only part of the sign that is visible from the street is the post, and even that is hard to see.

After she got the ticket, Katharine noticed police targeting the intersection for weeks.

"My friend and I were sitting on the front porch watching the police pull people over for running a stop sign that you can't see."

Katharine's not the only one who's noticed police watching the intersection. Rafael Maldonado lives less than a block from the sign.

"They usually park right here where we're sitting, parked at right now."
Rafael pointed out, referring to the cul de sac across the street from the stop sign.

11 News contacted the Colorado Springs Police Department about the problem, they say there have been eight traffic stops at the intersection since August 1, but they aren't saying yet if they are all related to the stop sign.

Lt Catherine Buckley with the Colorado Springs Police Department pointed out that the intersection does fall in an area where patrols have been stepped up.

11 News notified Colorado Springs police of the problem sign on Tuesday; they told the city forestry department on Wednesday, and on Thursday, forestry workers trimmed back the branches.

Katharine says she plans to fight the ticket in court.