Hickenlooper: "The State Of Our State Is Strong"

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Governor Hickenlooper had a lot to say during the annual State of the State address today about the challenges Colorado has faced in the past year, and where he believes we need to go from here.

He said legalized pot is one of the "great social experiments of this century" and urged lawmakers to continue working to keep marijuana away from children.

His said his administration is working on new anti-drug advertising for kids.

The governor also said the state should use its budget surplus to make college more affordable. He said he wants lawmakers to add $100 million in funding for public colleges and universities and cap tuition increases at %6.

When it comes to gun control, the governor said more needs to be done to those with mental health issues. Last year Hickenlooper signed a bill requiring new background checks for gun sales plus another that limited ammunition magazines to 15 rounds. Today he aid "guns are only a piece of the puzzle." He recommended $34 million in mental health spending.

But some Republicans say Hickenlooper needs to do more to help small businesses.

State Representative Clarice Navarro said today she wants the governor to veto bills that include what she calls "burdensome fees, fines and regulations."

She also says she wants the governor to do more to support families and teachers, while allowing local school boards to make more decisions on issues that affect their districts.

Meanwhile, Scott Gessler, who is challenging Hickenlooper for governor, released an attack add today.

In it, he says Hickenlooper has "got the title, but he doesn't lead," accusing Hickenlooper of making things more difficult for gun owners, giving a reprieve to a mass murderer, pushing jobs out of Colorado and increasing taxes by a billion dollars.