Heroic 9-Year-Old Escapes Home Invasion, Runs For Help

A 9-year-old girl became an unexpected hero after two men wearing "Jason" masks barged into her home and terrorized her family.

It was Halloween night in a quiet neighborhood on the northeast side of the Springs. The little girl heard a knock at the door: the family's first trick-or-treaters of the evening. She and her sister opened the door to hand out candy.

It was two men, both wearing a mask of the iconic "Friday the 13th" villain--and bent on horror of their own. They barged in past the girls, guns drawn.

"They hit my boyfriend in the side of head with a gun. My 9-year-old...they tried to put a bag over her head," the girl's mother recalled. "I'm screaming, crying, and they're telling me to 'shut up.'"

The 9-year-old tried to flee up the stairs, but one of the suspects grabbed her hair and started dragging her back down.

"They pulled her by her hair," her mother said.

But the little girl wriggled free and made a run for it. She escaped the house and ran to a neighbor's home to get help.

"I jumped from the steps and I ran out the back door to get help."

The neighbor called police. Officers swarmed the neighborhood with police canines looking for the suspects, but they'd already gotten away.

The incident happened on Breeze Court, near Rangewood and Vickers at 8:30 p.m. Thursday. Police are asking anyone who was in that neighborhood around that time and believes they may have seen something to contact the Colorado Springs Police Department immediately. The suspects are described as stocky black males, dressed in all black.

The suspect got away with a home phone, a cell phone and cash, but no one in the family, including two other children and a newborn baby, was seriously harmed.

"It was amazing," the girl's mother said about her daughter's actions. "I cannot believe she did that. I was very happy she did that."