Help For Victims In Oklahoma

We know a lot of you are hoping to help the survivors in Oklahoma.

The Red Cross says right now financial donations are extremely important. An easy way to make a $10 donation to the Red Cross is with a text message.

Simply text redcross to 9-0-9-9-9. That $10 charge will show up on your bill.

We're also staying in touch with our local fire departments, who can respond to disasters outside our region.

The Springs Fire Department tells us they haven't received a call yet. Fountain firefighters are on standby and are prepared to be on the road in two hours if they get the call.

Locally, utility companies are also standing by, ready to help if are asked. Both Colorado Springs Utilities and Black Hills Energy say that they haven't received a call to service yet. If they do, both groups say they will be ready to send out any resources they can.

We'll let you know if local teams will help with the recovery efforts.