Husband Shot 19 Times; Jury Finds Wife Guilty Of Murder

Suspect Donna Kaiser-Anderson (Credit: EPSO)

Donna Kaiser-Anderson has been found guilty of first-degree murder.

Authorities say Kaiser-Anderson shot her husband William Coffey 19 times. His body, and the body of her mother, were both found in her mobile home in January of last year.

The defense argued that Kaiser-Anderson shot her husband because she thought he was trying to hurt her mother. Kaiser-Anderson was only charged in her husband's death; her mother died of natural causes.

Along with murder charges, Kaiser-Anderson has been found guilty of tampering with evidence.

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It was intense, gruesome testimony Friday at a preliminary hearing for a woman accused of killing her husband.

As family and friends of the deceased listened, investigators went over evidence found at the scene. Remnants of drag marks from the kitchen to the bedroom in the couple's mobile home. A to-do list allegedly written by the suspect, Donna Kaiser-Anderson, reminding her to get a rug from storage and to buy air spray. Photos of the victim's body, riddled with bullets.

"It was hard to see him in those photos," one friend told 11 News. Our court reporter says family and friend cried as the photos were shown.

Victim William Coffey and Kaiser-Anderson's mother were found dead on Jan.4. Authorities say both had been dead for a few days by the time they were discovered. Neighbors discovered a bullet lodged in their cabinet on the night of Jan. 3 and called the El Paso County Sheriff's Office the following day after spotting a bullet hole on Kaiser-Anderson's trailer.

Residents in the Springs Mobile Home Park, which is located on Western Drive in the eastern part of Colorado Springs, told 11 News they heard unusual noises near Kaiser-Anderson's trailer on the 1st and 2nd of January.

Kaiser-Anderson has only been charged in the death of her husband. The circumstances around her mother's death are unknown at this time.

When testifying Friday, the lead investigator said that the autopsy revealed Coffey was shot 19 times. Detectives reportedly found a pistol and three magazines in a storage unit owned by the defendant. The investigators say one magazine was completely empty while a second only had one bullet left.

Prosecutors then displayed a photo from the scene showing a large blood stain in living room that someone had tried to cover up with a trash bag covered by a towel and then a rug. There were also photos of blood stains running from the kitchen to the bedroom, where the bodies were eventually found.

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