Rollout of Obamacare Begins


Millions of Americans will be able to shop for the first time today on the insurance marketplaces that are at the heart of President Barack Obama's health care reforms.

Colorado opens its health insurance marketplace Tuesday after more than two years of planning.

Connect For Health Colorado and all state exchanges are open for business Tuesday. It's the big "reveal" for Obamacare. Customers who need health insurance will be able to use the site to find out what their choices are, what their premiums will be and whether they qualify for subsidies to reduce their payments.

The Obama administration hopes to sign up 7 million people during the first year. The president announced plans Tuesday to meet in the Oval Office with a group of citizens who are participating in the new health care program.

The partial government shutdown will have no immediate effect on the insurance marketplaces because they operate with money that's not subjected to the annual federal budget.

Architects of Colorado health exchange hope it's a quiet first day.

Colorado has 180 people working a call center in Colorado Springs to help customers through the process.

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