Harrison Student Raises Money for Little Boy with Leukemia

DaMarcus McGill
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A Harrison High School student is giving back in a big way to a little boy with leukemia.

DaMarcus McGill is a senior at Harrison and cancer survivor. He has made it his mission to help others who are also overcoming cancer.

He and a group of others are making an effort to raise $7,500 to send 7-year-old Richard from Pueblo to Disneyland.

Thus far, they have raised almost $2,000 through a series of fundraisers. Local stores like Walmart and Sonic have also contributed to their fund.

"It feels really good because even though I haven't even met Richard... It makes me feel good to know that he's thinking about other people who don't even know him thinking of him in such a large way," said McGill.

District officials say students like McGill are setting an example for others, not just school-wide, but district-wide.

"We're just proud to call him a District 2 student and we applaud his efforts to give back and raise money for Richard. We know he'll continue to do great things," said Ellen Thommesen, Communications Department, Harrison School District 2.

"Every year we're just getting our kids at Harrison High School involved in the community. [We want to] make Harrison known as a leadership school and district," added Phil Herfendal, Leadership Advisor at Harrison.

To donate to the fund, click here.