Hickenlooper Apologizes For How Gun Legislation Was Passed

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Governor Hickenlooper apologized to sheriffs for not meeting with them while Colorado lawmakers hammered out controversial new gun regulations.

In fact, the governor said if he had more information he might not have signed some of the legislation into law.

Hickenlooper told the sheriffs he didn't know they wanted to talk last year during the gun control debate, according to KKTV sister station KCNC. If he had more information, Hickenlooper reportedly said he may have taken a different stance on the issue.

At the same time, the governor's office says it had extensive research, information from dozens of hearings, and comments from people on both sides of the issue when the governor made his decision to sign the legislation.

While the governor ultimately didn't back off his decision to sign the bills, he expressed doubts about the high capacity magazine ban. He said by the time he got all the information, he felt he had to sign the bill in spite of his doubts because a staff member had already announced he would, according to KCNC.