Gusty Saturday Leaves Wake Of Damage

Credit: Delilah Higginbotham

Saturday was a busy day for tree removal crews as they started to clean up the damage left behind by Friday night's high winds.

"I thought it was thunder and lightening because it made such a big sound," said Elsie Collins of hearing an entire tree come crashing down in her yard. It missed her home by only a few inches.

"Oh I'm glad it didn't land there, it could have knocked me down because I was on the couch," she said.

Right next door Collins' neighbor was dealing with problems of his own as tree limbs were blown off and crashed into several fences around his house.

"About 6:30 this morning I heard another crash and it was that big limb back there that fell across the back of his car and damaged it pretty heavily," said Johnny Usrey.

Considering the mess left behind, both neighbors say they are thankful the damage wasn't any worse.

"I'm just happy everything turned out like it did and I hope we get these trees out of here so we don't have anymore problems," said Collins.

Trees falling onto cars. Trampolines blowing down the street. Goalposts twisting in the wind.

Described by some as hurricane-force, strong wind hit Southern Colorado Saturday, leaving a trail of damage in its wake. Viewers sent 11 News photo showing what they saw.

Tree on East Willamette near downtown Colorado Springs. (Credit: RC Solon)