Police Search For Armed Men In Attempted Murder Case

Credit: CSPD
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11 News is talking to the friend of a woman who was beaten, shot in the head and then left to die in the middle of the road.

Police say the two suspects who did it are on the run right now.

Jorge Hernandez and Hamilton Sullivan are wanted for kidnapping and attempted murder. Police say both men are armed and dangerous.

Police said the suspects my have been driving the victim's car, but it was found in Douglas County Friday afternoon.

The woman was found Saturday morning at the intersection of Bijou and 7th Street in Colorado Springs.

"She was shot in the head and left like she was trash,” explained the friend.

11 News talked with the victim's close friend on Thursday night. We are not showing her face to help protect her identity. She says they were out at a bar when the two suspects made passes at her friend. At the time they didn't think much of it and decided to call it a night. She says her friend dropped her off at her car and headed home. That's the last she saw of her.

“I told her my goodbye, my other friend told her bye and we separated and went our different ways and the next morning that's when we heard about everything."

The victim survived the shooting and provided police with a description. Police say they were later able to identify the two suspects.

As the victim continues to recover, her friend reflects on her strength.

“She’s meant to be here for a reason. She is a miracle walking and I’m glad I know her."

If you recognize the two suspects or know where they are, call Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP.