Gun Supporters Flock To Gun Stores and Shows

Credit: AP

There are empty shelves at gun shelves, back orders that can’t be filled yet, and one local gun store owners is calling it a “buying frenzy.”

Even on Super Bowl Sunday, gun supporters flocked to a gun show in Colorado Springs.

Many are worried about their gun rights.

"The thought of them restricting, controlling, or taking guns back, that really hits people personally,” said gun owner Austin Stubius.

Stubius even named his dog “Ruger,” which is the name of a rifle. He almost named his dog “Second Amendment.”

“I don't think good guys commit crimes and the law is only gonna prevent good guys from having guns, you are feeling that a lot in here, people are exercising their right while it's in tact."

“I think the biggest thing is people not knowing what’s going to happen. It’s not that any particular thing is going to happen, it’s just that they don’t know what’s gonna happen or that the same ban in the 90s is gonna happen again,” said gun owner Austin Wesley.

The president is traveling to Minnesota Monday in a campaign to win support for his gun policy proposals. The trip comes after dramatic testimony on Capitol Hill from former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords.

"It will be hard, but the time is now. You must act,” said Giffords, urging Congress to take steps towards curbing gun violence.

Among President Obama's proposals: universal background checks for gun sales, reinstatement and strengthening of the assault weapons ban, banning armor-piercing ammunition, capping ammunition magazines to a 10-round limit, and putting more police officers on the street.

While some analysts wonder if the president will get enough support during this campaign on the road, some gun owners say that he’s proposing won’t even work.

"I understand that Washington needs to do something, they can't just stand by and do nothing. But it's difficult for me to express to them that guns aren't the problem, people are the problem,” said Beth Leclercq.

11 News talked with a local gun store owner who told us right now the demand is so high, they are having a hard time keeping up with supply.

"The wall was filled full of inventory and these whole display cases were all full and had guns underneath the counter. Now the only thing we have now is what you see,” said Robert Holmes.

The owner of Whistling Pines in Colorado Springs says that ever since the president announced he wants to fight for stricter gun control policies, their sales have sky-rocketed. He is calling it a “buying frenzy.”

"It's all over the map, people are worried, their worried that guns are gonna be banned, this is their last chance to get an AR-type rifle, last chance to get a high-capacity handgun, maybe guns in general. It's just been a real frenzy".

And background checks for guns are taking about a week, instead of a few minutes. We’re told over 9,000 Coloradans are waiting for their checks to be cleared.

"I'm looking at now seven to 10 days for my background check and for my concealed carry; I have the class done and paperwork complete and in El Paso County I'm waiting till the first of May,” said Beth Leclercq.