"Great Streets" Plans For Academy Boulevard

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Academy Boulevard in the Springs could have a different look in the not-too-distant future.

The "Great Streets" program has spent months looking at ways to improve the stretch of Academy from Maizeland to Drennan, and Wednesday night they went through some of the alternatives they've come up with.

After talking to the community, they're now looking at a lot of possibilities, like allowing businesses to be closer to the road and burying the utility lines. And they want to make it easier to get around.

Project Manager Carl Schueler says "we'd still have lots of cars on the road. Busyness is what we're looking for. But also enhanced transit at the same time."

That could include bus rapid transit, streetcars, bike lanes... and maybe even light rail.

There's still time to get in your two cents on how Academy should look. Just click on the link below.