Grass Fire At Woodmen And Powers Caused By Cigarette

In fire-plagued Colorado, residents shouldn't need a reminder of just how easy it is for a fire start, but according to firefighters some people are still making careless decisions.

Firefighters say a small grass fire in the area of Woodmen and Powers was likely started when someone threw a cigarette butt out a car window.

The fire grew to one acre before crews got it contained.

Firefighters warn it's just too easy for a fire to start to even take the chance of tossing a cigarette out your window.

"This is going to be the time that we need to be real careful; citizens need to use caution with careless acts. Had this fire had a home right there where engine 20 is at, this very easily could have turned into a much worse situation," Lt. Mark Trudall with the Colorado Springs Fire Department said.