Graffiti Prompts Heightened Security at Central HS

Pueblo police will have an increased presence at Central High School Friday as a precaution following the discovery of a message written in graffiti on the side of the school.

Authorities say the message included the words "Columbine" and "Feb. 14."

11 News talked to a local mother. She has two kids who attend Central High. When her daughter told her about the threat, Dara Armijo was scared.

"It's crippling. It's just paralyzing to know my children could be in a situation like that and there would be nothing I could do. Nothing. It's just frightening," Armijo said.

On Thursday, police took custody of a student who they say admitted to writing the message.

Police took him in for questioning, and they say so far the investigation has not found any information to support there being any legitimate threat.

Pueblo City Schools officials said they actually found the message on January 30. Several parents, including Armijo, told 11 News they were never made aware of the incident.

"This is an important matter that should've been brought to us as soon as they found it. Even if it was on a Saturday--the district operators have called us on weekends before. Why not this time?" Armijo questioned.

When we asked school officials if they alerted parents when they found the graffiti, they refused to comment.

Central High School will be on secured perimeter status on Friday, and police say they will have an increased presence on school grounds.