Governor Hickenlooper Visits Southern Colorado

Governor Hickenlooper made stops in Southern Colorado Wednesday, to visit areas that are still recovering from damaging floods this summer.

One of his stops included Ordway, which is about 50 miles east of Pueblo.

He met with community leaders there to discuss work being done to repair roads and bridges in Crowley County.

The governor also stopped in Pueblo County to hear from homeowners who suffered damage and are working hard to get their lives back to normal.

Governor Hickenlooper tells 11 News he wants to make sure people are getting the help they need, and to let people know they aren't alone in the recovery process.

"Anytime you have a natural disaster, there's a sense of isolation and a sense of hopelessness sometimes, and I want people to know that just because it was a few weeks ago people might forget, but we are not forgetting. We're gonna keep working on this," said Governor Hickenlooper.

Jules Irwin had major damage in her basement because of flooding.

She told the governor that she hopes her neighbors will get the help they need. She tells 11 News she is glad the governor took the time to visit Pueblo County.

"Anytime someone comes to listen and hear our voices out here, that's very important," said Irwin.

This is the governor's 10th trip this month to counties impacted by the flooding.