Good Samaritans Save Senior Citizen

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Only on 11 News, two families that were once strangers are friends tonight. First responders told 11 News it was one woman's quick thinking that likely saved another's life.

This incident mirrors that of the four people killed in Pueblo just this week. Firefighters there remind us that house fire was one of their most devastating fires in more than 25 years.

Saturday the Pueblo Fire Department said another fire started because the homeowner, an elderly woman, was smoking near her oxygen tank.

Fred Hocking's mom was alone and trapped inside this home as it started to catch fire Saturday afternoon. Katrina Hays was on her way to pick up her kids when she saw smoke and flames billowing out of the side window.

"I slammed my car into park and I ran into her house...her house was just filled with smoke and fire everywhere," Hays said.

She told us she didn't even think twice before going in to help Hocking’s mom.

"I could see a figure in the smoke. Then I reached, and she grabbed my hand and I just got her out of the house," Hays recounted.

"They saved a senior citizen, a handicapped senior citizen's life," Hocking added.

He said his mom is disabled from diabetes and other health issues.

"I mean they are true heroes and angels that truly saved my mom's life, and I thank them,” Hocking said. “Thank you so much."

"To be called a hero, I don't think so. It just something I think everybody would've done," Hays said.

Investigators told us there was more than $30,000 worth of damage inside the home, but there was no structural damage.

Hocking said he'll keep us posted on his mom's recovery. We'll bring you any updates.