Good Samaritans' Mobile Home Trashed

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A local couple says their good deed, to give a family in need their mobile home, has now turned into a nightmare.

Brenda Piccione fought back tears as she looked at what is left of her mobile home.

“To see what's been done is just heart breaking,” Piccione explained.

The Piccione's planned to sell the mobile home and posted an ad on craigslist. They say a man named Jose Garcia responded within minutes.

"This person replied back and said that he and his daughters live in a motel room so I figured they could really use it,” Robert Piccione said.

The Piccione's met with Gargica. He signed a “Promise For Removal of Mobile Home” document to remove the mobile home from its current spot at The Springs Mobile Home Park by the end of December. But he never did. Instead, the Piccione's came back to their lot and found everything gone - from the aluminum siding to the kitchen sink.

“It's totally gutted,” Robert Piccione said.

11 News called Jose Garcia on Friday night and talked to him on the phone. He admitted that he stripped the trailer. He says now he doesn't want to pay the money to put wheels on it and haul it away. The Piccione's can't believe it.

"Where do you go from here?” 11 News asked.

“I don't know. I really don't know. We're like a rock in a hard place,” Piccione said.

The Picciones also talked with Colorado Springs Police. Officers told them because they signed the removal agreement the trailer is technically not there's anymore, and they can't tow it away. They're being charged $400 dollars a month for the lot fee and on top of that they've got the mortgage on the home they just bought.

The Picciones say they are extremely frustrated and will likely have to fight this in court.