Gold Camp Road, Cheyenne Canon Possibly Reopening Next Month

Engineers survey the work being done to the washed out portion of Lower Gold Camp Road.

When Lower Gold Camp Road washed out during September flooding, many people thought it would be closed for good.

But now crews say they could be reopening it as early as December--just three months after massive flooding left a 100-foot-deep hole between tunnels one and two on the historic road.

"So far we've gotten pretty lucky with the weather," one worker told 11 News, explaining that the mild fall has allowed crews to work continuously. The lack of weather-related interruption has allowed crews to bump up Lower Gold Camp's projected reopening date.

Workers are taking every measure to ensure that the road is not only safe for daily use by drivers and the many recreational users, but that it will be able to withstand the next "100 Year Flood." Crews say they aren't just "dumping dirt into a hole," but redesigning the road to be sturdier, with a focus on drainage.

An engineer told 11 News that the biggest challenge is just the scale of the washout, which they have been rebuilding from the bottom up.

Significant progress has been made in adjoining Cheyenne Canon, which 11 News was told is close to ready for reopening now, but is remaining closed until Gold Camp Road reopens. The reason is because workers are using the park as a way to access Lower Gold Camp Road.

The primary issue in Cheyenne Canon has been rock mitigation. Crews have been scaling the walls of the canyon to look for rocks in danger of falling. If a rock looks loose or has any crack in it, workers are essentially forcing it to fall to eliminate the danger.

Workers are also reconstructing some of the guardrails, which were damaged in the flooding.

Barring any unexpected weather issues or anything else unforeseen, the city hopes both places will be reopened in early-to-mid December.