Glitch In Food Stamp System Sparks Shopping Spree

Hundreds of folks on food stamps raided the shelves at a Louisiana Walmart store when a glitch in the food stamp system allowed unlimited spending.

11 News talked to one local family who's currently on food stamps. They say they would never do anything like this.

Hundreds swarmed the Walmart once word spread that their EBT cards had no limits. But once the glitch was fixed, the overflowing shopping carts were left abandoned.

Mother of two Nicole Jung lives in Pueblo. She's on food stamps and she has a job. She's outraged so many people would take advantage of the system.

“I think it's ridiculous. I get that computer errors happen, but at the same time these people should've had more respect not only for themselves but the government that's helping them,” Jung explained.

11 News talked to another local woman who doesn’t agree with it, but understands why so many filled their shopping carts.

“In the midst of a shutdown when people are panicking and wondering if they're going to get their next check and food stamps. They grab what they can, I kind of get it."

Our local Care and Share food bank says this incident is unfortunate. Most food stamp families have at least one working parent.

“A situation like this certainly does perpetuate the negative image that most have on the food stamp program,” explained Shannon Coker with Care and Share.

Jung hopes the people involved in the spending spree will lose their benefits, and that other people won't be so quick to judge.

"Just open your eyes and realize not everyone of food stamps is looking for a hand out. I'm looking for a hand up to be able to feed my children.”

The computer glitch disabled those cards in 17 different states.