Girl Brushed By Car While Exiting School Bus

A child was hit by a car as she was getting off a school bus Wednesday afternoon.

Authorities are now searching for the driver involved.

Based on witness accounts, law enforcement says that the driver of a small sedan went around the school bus as a little girl was exiting. As the child was about to cross in front of the bus, the driver went by and clipped her. Though she didn't suffer any serious injuries, it was a scary experience.

Authorities say the school bus sign was out as the girl was crossing.

The driver did reportedly stop to check on the girl, but left before authorities got to the scene.

The vehicle has been described as a small, teal, compact sedan. The incident happened at Walker Road and Kerry Run in Black Forest. State troopers say they don't have much else to go by at this time, and ask that anyone with information on the incident contact authorities.