Gas Station Will Not Be Built

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Locals are calling it a big win. Wednesday, a gas company decided a new station will not be built in Old Colorado City.

"This is really good news for Old Colorado City and the west side," Cucuru Gallery Café owner Guillermo Alvarado said.

"(I’m) just happy to see them go, that's all," Front Range Barbeque owner Brian Fortinberry said.

The community was outraged when Kum and Go announced it would build a new gas station on Colorado Avenue between 23rd and 24th Streets. It would have been where the Discover Goodwill building stands now.

Locals started to put up signs, held protest rallies and started petition drives. Wednesday the company scrapped its plans to build.

"It felt good we didn't have to worry about a boycott and other things we had planned," Alvarado said.

Kum and Go spokeswoman Traci Rodemeyer told us on the phone that several factors went into the final decision, but she said they absolutely took into account the push back from the community.

"I think it was a flawed idea from the beginning to put a big gas station like that in this part of town," Fortinberry said.

Since plans for the gas station have been scrapped, business owners are excited about new possibilities for the space.

"I think ideal for the neighborhood would be a community-type place, with maybe a farmers market or local brewery," Fortinberry said.

"Maybe some more shops, more variety and maybe even a restaurant or two," Alvarado said.

In 15 months, Kum and Go has built 10 stores in the Colorado Springs area. Rodemeyer said although they will not pursue that particular location, they enjoy being in the area and are excited to keep growing their business.

There are two other possible sites for new Kum and Go stations; we're told store executives are considering 21st and Broadway, less than a mile from the Old Colorado City location, and the other is Centennial and 30th.