Gas Prices Continue To Drop As Thanksgiving Approaches

Gas prices continue their steady decline, which is good news for all the travelers preparing to hit the road for Thanksgiving.

If you're filling in or near the Springs, the cheapest gas can be found at the Valero on Highway 85 near Fountain. Gas there is $3.19 a gallon.

If you're traveling north, the Western Convenience off Wilcox Street and I-25 in Castle Rock is selling gas for $3.23 a gallon.

Needing to fill up in Pueblo? Head to the Valero on West Abriendo Avenue and Polk Street, where gas is $3.19.

For those heading out of state, don't be surprised if gas is a little higher; Colorado's state average of $3.39 is slightly lower than than the national average of $3.43. Twenty-eight states have, on average, higher gas prices than Colorado.