Garage Fire In Black Forest

Plumes of heavy smoke were visible from areas of Colorado Springs Saturday morning as a garage fire burned on Holmes Road in Black Forest.

El Paso County and Black Forest Fire and Rescue responded to the fire and worked quickly to get it under control.

Luckily the fire was limited to a detached garage at a home. Though the garage was destroyed and will be a total loss, no one was injured and the fire did not spread to the home.

Firefighters had the extra challenge of having no available water in the area. Water had to be pumped in to fight the fire. The fire did spread to some nearby trees, but crews were able to knock it down before it spread beyond that.

Officials say the fire was likely caused by a malfunction of an electrical circuit board. Children of the family were home at the time of the fire. They saw the fire first, and then called 911.

One car being stored in the garage was lost as well as several dirt bikes.