Future Uncertain For Big Blue Horse At DIA

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The future of the big blue mustang that greets visitors outside Denver International Airport is up in the air. The city of Denver’s five-year contract for the art installation is nearly up.

Now the public can voice their opinion about whether the bright blue horse with red glowing eyes stays or gallops away.

The horse was installed in February 2008. The five-year contract with the city ends Feb. 11.

“I think it’s freaky!” said one Denver resident.
“It’s dark. I think the eyes are very scary,” said another.
“I like driving to DIA and seeing the big blue horse,” said one more.

It seems everyone has an opinion about the sculpture, and Arts and Venues Denver wants public input on whether to keep “Mustang” or let it loose.

“If there’s sustained public criticism and negativity around the piece then we would begin to entertain petitions to have the piece accessioned from our collection,” said Arts and Venues Denver spokeswoman Ginger White.

The horse stands tall on its hind legs with glowing red eyes as it greets passengers flying in and out of DIA.

“For every person who has told me they don’t like it there’s somebody else who loves it, and I think there are people who love to hate it,” said White.

The sculptor died creating “Mustang” but it was later completed and installed by his son.

The once $600,000 sculpture is now valued at $2 million.

“It was a significant investment for the city of Denver to have that piece so there are a lot of things that will get calibrated into making that decision,” said White.

It is unclear how much it would cost to remove the sculpture if the board votes to end its contract. It’s also unclear what would become of “Mustang” if it is removed.