Furloughs Lifted For Some Workers

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Colorado Springs was hit hard when the government shutdown forcing thousands to leave their jobs. Congressman Doug Lamborn told 11 News Saturday that he's not only excited to see the majority of workers go back. He also said all furloughed employees will, without a doubt, be retroactively paid.

Right now there are nearly 400,000 civilian employees furloughed. The pentagon is ordering most of them return to work starting next week. The decision by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is based on a pentagon legal interpretation of a law called the pay our military act.

That measure was passed before the shutdown, but the interpretation came through today. Congressman Lamborn said it was important to him to vote in favor of this measure. Right now, there's no exact number on how many civilians will return, but the DOD said that most would be brought back.

"We don't know the final number. It's a big step in the right direction; I want to get all of them back to work. This is something where the house and senate do have common ground," Lamborn said. "Now the House and Senate don't have common ground on everything, Obamacare is a big example but when it comes to the people supporting our military, we have total common ground."

Not all furloughed workers are returning, but we’re told the employees that will return can expect to hear more information from their managers starting this weekend.

While this act will allow some people to return to work, it does not allow purchases or money set aside for materials and equipment. That means, depending on how long the shutdown continues, some workers may not be able to do their jobs effectively.