Furlough Affects Southern Colorado

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There's no end in sight for the government shutdown, as members of both parties settle in for what is shaping up to be a long fight over funding the government.

On Tuesday, the House voted on two bills to fully fund veterans programs and national parks, but they were both killed.

All 532 members of Congress will continue to be paid during the shutdown, as will members of the military after a last-minute bill was passed hours before the shutdown began. The bill guarantees troops will continue to get paid regardless of how long the shutdown lasts; Congress passed it unanimously and President Obama quickly signed it into law.

Congressman Doug Lamborn's office showed us a letter Congress sent to the secretary of defense. It calls for civilian employees of the military to also get paid during the shutdown. The majority of civilian workers on military installations, and federal employees across the country have been furloughed until the shutdown is over. That means all across Southern Colorado, thousands of people won't be going to work.

The shutdown is also affecting the day-to-day lives of many families in unexpected ways. One example: due to the shutdown, the commissary won't be open. It's where a lot of Fort Carson families shop for groceries.

"I shop here pretty much every pay day. And like I said, a commissary is one of those things that every soldier and family member use a lot," Sgt. 1st Class Edwin Cano said.

It's located on the Mountain Post, and offers home and grocery supplies conveniently and cheap.

"With the shutdown we are going to suffer we're already suffering and it's sad," commissary shopper Nidenne Capson said.

Knowing things will be tough for many families, Alicia Taylor, owner of Ravissante Salon in Colorado Springs, is offering free haircuts to anyone affected by the furlough including their families.

"If we can keep everyone happy, and make them feel a little bit nurtured and cared for, that's what I would feel wonderful about," Taylor said.

Taylor said she works with all organic products and wants to ease any unnecessary stress folks may face.

"It makes me feel so happy and giddy to be able to give back right now...truly it makes my heart feel fulfilled," Taylor said.

Taylor said she made the same offer during the Black Forest Fire. She wants to fit in as many people as possible and will continue the offer until the government shutdown is over.

To set up an appointment call Alicia Taylor at (719) 481-3344.