Frontier Airlines Making Price Changes

If you fly Frontier Airlines, you'll soon be noticing a change in prices.

Some of the price changes should please customers, others potentially less so. The company is slashing travel prices, making the average cost for a ticket 12 percent lower. But travelers will be seeing a price increase in other areas.

The fee for using the overhead bin for your carry-ons now ranges from $20-$50. The lower price is for those who book their flight on Frontier's website, while the higher price will be for those who buy their ticket at the gate. Personal items that can fit under the seat remain free.

If you want to choose your own seat, there will also be a fee there: $3 for those who book online and an extra $8 for those who choose to do that at check-in. Passengers who don't want to pay extra will have their sear assigned by Frontier.