Friend Of Hit-And-Run Suspect Speaks Out

A friend who says he was with a hit-and-run suspect on the day of the event is speaking out to 11 News.

Nathaniel Mancha is accused of deliberately striking another man with his vehicle following a road rage incident on March 1. The victim suffered serious injuries.

Carlton Mohn says Mancha felt threatened by the victim, who Mancha said followed him after he cut the victim off.

"He told me that the guy followed him, and he told me that the guy had a crow bar. He was very scared," Mohn said.

According to Mohn, as Mancha pulled up to Mohn's workplace to drop him off, the victim pulled in right behind them. The victim was in a green van.

"We parked right here [points] so I could get out and go to work, and then I just hear him [the victim] calling us expletive and expletive because we took the turn first.

Mohn says the man then drove off and he went into work. Mancha left and soon found himself behind the green van again.

According to the arrest affidavit, the driver of the green van got out of his vehicle holding a crowbar. Police say that's when Mancha ran him over.

Mohn said Mancha filled him in on what happened later that same day when Mancha picked him up from work. Mancha reportedly called police two days after seeing the truck on the news, and was arrested March 14. He faces attempted murder charges.

Mohn and one other man have been charged in this case for not turning their friend in sooner. Mohn says he is already speaking with attorneys.

Family members of the victim say he remains in stable condition at the ICU.