Free Training: Educators Prepare For School Shootings

The recent shooting tragedies in our nation’s schools are something that’s at the forefront of all our minds.

Saturday, educators in our own community took action to learn what to do in case that ever happens here.

Calvary Family Martial Arts and Fitness is hosting the free training.

The goal is to give those who work in our schools simple tools and techniques they can use in order to protect both students and staff.

"I just don't want to see innocent people lose their lives anymore,” said Laurie Hylle, D-11 food service employee.

Teachers and district employees alike learned what to do in case of a shooter in their schools, an education prompted by many recent shooting tragedies across the nation.

"That was a huge motivator when watching about kindergartners, and you got second graders who are one or two years older that would be their little brothers, to know those are little kids, will be afraid, how do you keep them safe,” said Michele Matte, second grade teacher.

They learned how to react if a gunman surprises them in a classroom, hallway or gym. They were also taught where to hide depending on the type of weapon, and how to barricade students in a room.

"Otherwise you wouldn't know what to do, all you will want to do is run and hide, and people are going to be screaming and you're not going to have the composure you need to diffuse the situation and save lives as a result,” said Hylle.

An important technique was called “Smother and Cover.” It’s a simple way to disarm and disable the active shooter.

"We keep our training real, it's nothing too fancy, nothing going to be in a movie screen. It's something that is real for today's real world,” said Isaac Costley with CFMAF.

"If you can even save one person or a classroom, it's all worth it,” said Hylle.

The training is called “Final Steps to the Last Resort."

There is a free class every Saturday in February that will go over the same techniques as today, to make sure all teachers get a chance to learn.

Those who work for a school district in El Paso County can also take free classes during the week that go more in-depth.

CFMAF also travels to schools in our community and offers training there for both students and teachers.

To learn more or to sign up for the free classes visit: