Free Safe Rides Home For Military Members

Credit: AP

The goal is to keep our roads safer. That’s why now anyone in active military in our community can get a free safe ride home every single weekend.

It’s a service that designated drivers of Colorado Springs used to offer, until they stopped service in 2009.

Now thanks to the sponsorship of McDivitt Law Firm they are bringing it back.

It doesn’t matter where you are, in the Springs, Fountain, Widefield or Security, you can get a free ride home, Thursday through Saturday from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m.

“Anytime we can keep anyone off the road whose had a couple of drinks, it protects everyone in the community,” said Nonie Rispin, executive director for Designated Drivers of Colorado Springs.

They hope the service will keep all drivers safe, and honor military members.

"They're out there protecting our way of life and all the things we love and care about. We just feel like it's really important to protect them when they're out unwinding, having a little fun like they're definitely earned the right to do. We just want to be able to protect them the way they protect us,” said Rispin.

McDivitt Law Firm has a community outreach program called McDivitt Makes a Difference. They already provide free sober rides home during four of the busiest days of the year.

Designated Drivers of Colorado Springs has given about 14 thousand safe rides home since they started in 2009.

Now together they hope to make a difference every weekend.

“We are very, very grateful to the McDivitt family and law firm for wanting to partner with us to keep our community safe. They are awesome people and we just really appreciate what they’re doing for us and our community,” said Rispin.

To get a free ride just call 719-650-3450, tell them you are an active military member and that the ride is on McDivitt.

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