Fort Carson Soldier Charged With Murder

About three weeks after a soldier was found dead in the barracks on Fort Carson, another soldier is under arrest and charged with the crime.

Sgt. Vincinte L. Jackson, of the 576th Engineer Company, 4th Engineer Battalion, is charged with the murder of Spc. Brandy Fonteneaux. Jackson is charged under Article 118, which is premeditated murder.

Fonteneaux's body was found on Jan. 8 in the barracks where she lived.

Charging documents say Fonteneaux died from being choked and stabbed with a knife sometime between Jan. 6 and Jan. 8.

The victim's sister, Nkenge Fonteneaux, describes Brandy as outgoing, good-natured and passionate. She said the young woman had earned a degree in kinesiology at a university in Texas, before joining the Army three years ago.

According to Fonteneaux, "She joined the Army to see the world, to help people in need, and then this happens? This is just a tragedy."

She says Brandy's many nieces and nephews have lost a role model, and the entire family has suffered a great loss.

Sgt. Jackson has been held at the Fort Carson Criminal Justice Center since Jan. 20.