Fort Carson Soldiers Injured By Lightning

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A dozen Fort Carson soldiers were hospitalized after being injured by lightning Wednesday afternoon.

The strike happened about two and half miles south of Butts Army Airfield at 2:45 p.m. Wednesday.

According to Fort Carson spokesman Major Earl Brown, none of the soldiers were directly struck. He said 350 soldiers were outside for training exercises.

"They were in a large open area where there was no other vegetation, just a large field area and there was a lightning strike that happened real close to them," Maj. Brown said.

According to a press release, they were moving to shelter because of the lightning when a fast moving storm rolled in. We’re told the 12 who were injured were about 65 feet from getting to safety when the lightning hit. Whether or not training was stopped soon enough is now under investigation.

"I know it was pretty close together, so it's unclear...right now they're going to be conducting an investigation to what went wrong and how do we make ourselves better so something like this doesn't happen again," Brown said.

One soldier was taken to the hospital by helicopter. The others were transported by ambulance.

One solider remains in the hospital in stable condition Friday morning. Five of the 12 injured soldiers were released by Wednesday night. The others remained in the hospital overnight, but were treated and released Thursday.

The Mountain Post hopes the soldier still hospitalized will be discharged in the next few days.