Fort Carson Soldiers Return Home Christmas Eve

For 35 soldiers and their families, this Christmas is one they will never forget.

The soldiers made it home from Afghanistan late Christmas Eve night--60 days ahead of schedule.

"We got home two months early, so that was awesome," Spc. Bangayan told 11 News.

The soldiers are with the 748th Ordnance Company, 242nd Explosive Ordnance Disposal Battalion, 71st Ordnance Group. They had been in Afghanistan since March supporting hundreds of missions across the country and conducting hundreds of training sessions with the Afghan Special Forces.

According to a news release, the group also disposed of IEDs and 10,000 pounds of captured explosives.

Soldiers 11 News spoke with said they are ecstatic to have made it home in time for the holidays.

"Best Christmas gift ever," Spc. Shawn Heisler said.

Santa couldn't have done any better.