Fort Carson Family Remembers Fort Hood 2009

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11 News talked to a family stationed at Fort Carson who was previously stationed at Fort Hood for seven years. They were there during the mass shooting in 2009.

The Gallego family said Wednesday’s incident was a little bit of a flashback. Staff Sergeant Richard Gallego was deployed in 2009, but his wife, Lisa, and their kids were on post when that shooting took the lives of 13 people and injured 29 others.

They told 11 News they still have a lot of friends who live there and the first thing they did when they heard about Wednesday’s shooting was try to get a hold of them to make sure they were all okay.

SSG Gallego and his wife were stationed at Fort Hood, Texas from 2005 until late 2012. They were then transferred to Fort Carson in Colorado Springs.

Lisa Gallego said she was home alone with their four kids when the sirens went off in 2009.

"I couldn't call home because all the phones were busy. We had no access to the internet; I guess they shut everything down with something like that happens. It was scary," Lisa Gallego said.

SSG Gallego was deployed at the time.

"It’s a total scary feeling knowing you were that close before, seeing your family go through that when they were actually there in 2009 and then to actually see them now, watching it on TV where we were before, their emotions there, they get scared. It's heartbreaking," SSG Gallego said.

The Gallego family said it's horrifying to see a similar situation unfold again, but are relieved to know their friends are safe.

"It’s scary when you see it on the TV and you still have friends there and we were there too, that is terrifying," Lisa Gallego said.

We asked SSG Gallego about reports that Wednesday’s shooting started with two soldiers arguing.

He said during his three deployments, soldiers are often in close quarters and arguments do happen, and get heated. He, however, can't understand an argument or anything escalating to this.