Fort Carson Conducts Live-Fire Training

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It was a rare chance for the public to see a simulated mission with real soldiers and live-fire. On Saturday, Fort Carson hosted a training exercise to show the capabilities of our active duty military and the Colorado National Guard if they were conduct a real mission overseas.

Their job was to simply subdue an enemy by using combat power.

Army General and Commander of the Colorado Army National Guard Dana Capozzella, said "That scenario was showcasing our ability to help our allies when terrorists or enemies have infiltrated their country."

Soldiers used fighter jets, field artillery rocket systems and paladin cannons. The Blackhawks even made an appearance. At one point, soldiers surrounded a small house after being flown in on helicopters. Eventually, soldiers entered the house and exited with an “enemy”.

David Aragon came to watch Saturday’s exercise. "The shock factor to me was the capabilities of how the helicopters came in and dropped off the soldier people… it was really awestruck," said Aragon.

While the public was invited, it was a chance for military families to see what their loved ones do on the job. Jennifer Belo’s husband is in the military. It was the first time her daughters had the chance to see their father’s work up close.

"It was exciting for them because they only see pictures so they only get to hear daddy talk, only get to see pictures, but for them to actually see it live and up close... see what he actually does... was really impressive on them. They really enjoyed that," said Belo.

The public was also invited to step inside each of the enormous machines that were used in the training exercise.

Fort Carson says these live-fire exercise are pretty similar to what an actual enemy attach would look like overseas. General Capozzella says the training exercise was just a sample of all the hard work that goes into every mission.