School District Responds To Teacher Accusations

Credit: South Pueblo High School Yearbook, 2012

A former prosecutor is explaining why a local teacher won't be facing any charges after she reportedly admitted to kissing a student. She also allegedly sent a picture of herself in underwear to a student.

The teacher is Larisa Oringdulph. She was a teacher at South High School in Pueblo.

In a police report, she told investigators she kissed a 17-year-old student once, but never had sex with any of her students.

A former prosecutor and now private lawyer, David Webster, explained why that's not illegal.

"In our society kissing isn't necessarily considered a sexual act, it's considered to be an act of care," said Webster.

As for the picture that was reportedly sent, Webster says since she had some clothing on, it's inappropriate, but not illegal.

The school district tells us she resigned a couple weeks ago. Oringdulph was never charged because investigators cannot prove that the image was sent to a student.

A spokesperson from the school district says, "Contrary to statements and implication in the media bout alleged inaction by the principal and the administration, both an internal and a police investigation were conducted in September and October, 2012."

The statement also says it was the same parent who went to the police after the school investigation ended and that's when the police investigated.