Former Springs Councilman Appears In Court; Home Condemned

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A former city councilman and his wife were in court Tuesday just days after their home was condemned for allegedly deplorable conditions.

Their son was taken from them after authorities determined he was living in unsanitary conditions. The 13-year-old was reportedly living alongside rodents--both dead and living--and human feces. Charles Wingate and Sharon Sharkey are now facing misdemeanor child abuse charges.

Tuesday's hearing did not concern those charges, but surrounded the custody of their child, who is currently in protective custody.

The judge closed the hearing to the public, saying it was in the best interest of the child. Everyone in the courtroom that wasn't directly involved in the case was asked to leave.

We did catch up with Wingate as he was leaving the courtroom.

He refused to answer any of our questions.

We don't know what the judge decided since it was a closed hearing, so we don't know if or when the child will be returned to his parents.

We'll work to find out more about where the case goes from here and let you know what we learn.