Former Officer Receives Life In Prison For Sex Crimes

A former Springs police officer convicted of more than 100 child sex counts will spend 70 years to life in prison.

Josh Carrier learned his fate Friday after being found guilty in October 2012 of sexual assault on a child, enticement of a child and unlawful sexual contact. In an earlier trial last year, he was also found guilty on more than 20 counts of child exploitation and pornography.

To read more about the Carrier verdict in October click here. For more information on Carrier's first trial in the spring of 2012, go here.

The crimes happened while Carrier was a school resource officer and volunteer wrestling coach at Horace Mann Middle School in Colorado Springs.

In all, the judge ordered consecutive terms of 70 years to life for the first seven victims, after which, Carrier will have 20 years to life of parole. The judge said that he will not categorize Carrier as a sexually violent predator.

This is how the sentencing broke down:

Carrier received 10 years for the first victim
Eight years for the second
Seven years for the third
Seven years for the fourth
Ten years for the fifth
Ten years for the sixth
Six years for the seventh
Eight years for the eighth
Six years for the ninth
Four years for the 10th
Four years for the 11th
Ten years for the 12th
Ten years for the 13th
Ten years for the 14th
Ten years for the 15th
Eight years for the 16th
Five years for the 17th
Eight years for the 18th