COURT DOCUMENTS: Former Fort Carson Employee Accused Of Making Threats Towards Post

Douglas Kunz (Photo Courtesy of El Paso County Sheriff's Office)

A former Fort Carson employee is accused of making threats towards Fort Carson and former coworkers on post.

Douglas Kunz has been charged in federal court with disrupting interstate commerce with threats of explosions or fire. He's a former butcher at Fort Carson's commissary store. Kunz was barred from Fort Carson at the end of March.

Kunz was investigated for rants purportedly on his Facebook page, including one he allegedly wrote that said, "Making me stay with false's almost time for Fort Columbine."

Court papers obtained by 11 News state that it was his manager at the commissary who alerted military police to the alleged Facebook posts. When questioned, the court documents state that Kunz told military police that he meant to write "Columbia," and it was spell-check that caused the error.

Kunz was reportedly awaiting a possible transfer to New Mexico.

The papers also say that after Kunz was barred from the post, he sent a message to his former landlord saying, "The Army rebanned me for life. I did nothing wrong. But now all involved will pay."

Kunz also allegedly sent out text messages referencing the Oklahoma City bombing and the 2009 mass shooting at Fort Hood in Texas.
Kunz said his rants were a way to vent and he did not want to hurt anyone.

Based on court documents, 11 News has learned that Kunz has been arrested several times in the past, including for stalking, third-degree assault and sexual assault-sexual contact peeping tom. 11 News spoke to a former coworker, who said the Defense Commissary Agency had to have known Kunz was a felon before they hired him. He said he remembers Kunz wearing an ankle bracelet similar to those worm by parolees.

We have placed calls to the DCA for comment. They have not returned the calls at the time of this report.

The coworker also believes Kunz didn't mean what he said, probably because he doesn't have the resources to act.

Kunz's trial is set for Aug. 18.