Former Ellicott School Board Member Sentenced in Sex Case

Stephanie Dickinson

Former Ellicott school board member Stefanie Dickinson could spend anywhere from 10 years to the rest of her life on intensive supervised probation.

Dickinson was sentenced on Wednesday after pleading guilty to charges of sexual assault on a child.

Along with probation, Dickinson is also banned from having contact with anyone under the age of 18 except for her own children.

Dickinson was arrested last year when two underage boys came forward and claimed to have had a sexual relationship with her.

According to the court documents, an El Paso County sheriff’s deputy interviewed one young man who admitted to having sex with Dickinson multiple times during the summer of 2008, when he was 17 years old.

He says the affair started while he was a sophomore with a kiss while he was staying at Dickinson’s home. The deputy wrote in the affidavit that the young man’s father found out and Dickinson had to promise it would never happen again.

However, the two continued to text each other frequently, according to court documents.

Then during his junior year, the two reportedly had sex five or six times. The deputy recorded in detail the description of the first time they had intercourse, in a separate building on Dickinson’s property used as a playhouse. They had sex on the floor.

One day after conducting that interview, the deputy interviewed another young man who admitted to having sex with Dickinson during baseball season in the spring of 2008.

Although the names in the affidavit are redacted, the deputy once again recorded the young man’s description of his first sexual encounter with Dickinson in detail. That first encounter took place at night in the rear of Dickinson’s SUV.

According to documents, the young man said he also had sex in the playhouse on Dickinson's property. He told the deputy that Dickinson asked him not to tell anyone multiple times, because it could ruin her family.

According to the affidavit, he told the deputy that he believed Dickinson was desperate for attention and got it from the young boys. When asked if he thought she would have sex with a 15-year-old, he said, “I know she would.”